Report Card and Interview Information

***SPECIAL NOTICE - Due to COVID-19***

As the province and country continue to combat COVID-19, we have made some changes to our report cards and interview process.

  1. Google Documents have now been sent out for parents to sign up for interviews on November 4th and 5th, 2020. The interviews will be conducted virtually.

  2. Report Cards will be EMAILED home for first term, November 2020. Please notify the school if you have any concerns. Expect report cards on November 26th/27th.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------General Report Card and Interview Times:

At Birtle Collegiate we think it is beneficial to have our interviews in early November as a form of positive intervention for our students. Teachers can meet with students and their families to talk about what is working and what is not working. This allows students/families/teachers to decide on appropriate interventions to increase the child's success, before the official report card goes home at the end of the month.

Term 1 Reporting Period is in November of each year:

  • The school will send home links to a Google Doc to allow parents to sign up for a time and teacher of their preference.

  • Teachers may also contact parents to request interviews.

  • Middle Years teachers will see all their families. This means they will do their interviews over two evenings.

High School Students will wrap up Semester 1 at the end of January:

        • Report Cards with high school students' final marks for their Semester One courses, will go home after exams at the end of January.

Term 2 Reporting Period:

  • Middle Years Term 2 Report Cards and Interviews will be in March, generally before Spring Break

  • High School Report Cards and Interviews will be in March, before reports go home at the end of the month

Term 3 Reporting Period:

  • Middle Years and High School Report Cards will go home at the end of June with the students. We do not mail report cards home unless it is special circumstances. High School students/parents/guardians can pick up their report cards anytime during the last week of school, at Grad, or at our Awards Ceremony.